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The popularity of stream hosting continues to increase, especially among novice users who are looking for an affordable way to test the waters of online broadcasting before committing to a larger and more costly operation. SpacialNet offers a variety of packages to cater for new streaming customers as well as more experienced broadcasters. The packages vary in price depending on the quality of the stream and the number of subscribers who can concurrently enjoy a customer’s broadcast. You can also select the technology used to actually deliver the stream to listeners. With great prepayment options for most listeners, SpacialNet is easily one of the most flexible solutions for the online broadcaster.

The Plans: A Mix of Affordability, Technology, and Quality

Shoppers who are considering SpacialNet for their online streaming hosting product will be treated to a wide variety of packages that differentiate between the actual quality of the stream and the number of concurrent listeners who can enjoy it. The company offers monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payments for these plans and customers can save a great deal of money by choosing longer-term prepayment options during the signup process. At the low-end, for $18 monthly or $9 per month on an annual basis, SpacialNet offers a 32kbps streaming hosting plan which will allow a broadcaster to deliver the feed to as many as 30 concurrent listeners. It’s a relatively low level of quality, but it’s the perfect price point for testing the waters of online audio streams.

Midrange streaming customers will be treated to the company’s 64kbps plan, which is roughly double the audio stream quality offered as part of its entry-level tier. This plan comes in at $34.50 on a monthly basis, or $17.50 per month when all twelve months are paid up-front during the signup process. This plan, too, can cater to as many as thirty concurrent listeners.

SpacialNet offers a much higher-quality stream as part of its high-end pricing tier, broadcasting to as many as 30 concurrent listeners in 128kbps audio. That’s roughly the quality of a standard MP3, and it’s the perfect mix of low overall data stream size and optimal audio quality. This is the perfect package for professional broadcasters that are catering to a relatively limited audience at any given time, and it comes in at $69 per month. Those customers who elect to pay twelve months in advance can secure a much more favorable rate of just $34.50 monthly.


While these plans have great features (including ShoutCast server technology) and pretty great quality levels, they’re slightly more expensive than other providers. That might turn off some customers with tighter budgets, but others might be able to pay more for a higher-quality overall web hosting experience and the ability to stream at 128kbps.


Despite these limitations, SpacialHost is a really great option in terms of its ShoutCast hosting features, its relatively high level of audio quality, and its robust support tools. The company maintains social networking profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and offers customers an online self-serve solution which can handle billing and support ticket filing. Community forums are also maintained by SpacialNet, making it a great way for new and advanced users to interact, teach each other a few things bout the growing field of online broadcasting, and engage in self-help which frees the company’s technical support operations to handle the most serious and pressing customer issues.

For customers using SAM Broadcaster or SAM Cast with SpacialNet, they have the advantage of having an incredibly easy time when setting up their software with the streaming, as it is case of just entering username and password.

Overall, a Strong Option for Premium Streaming Customers

The products offered by SpacialNet are certainly not the cheapest on the market, especially for customers who elect to pay on a monthly basis instead of opting for the annual payment option. However, that price is arguably justified when customers factor in the ease of setup, the company’s robust set of customer service and technical support tools, as well as the high level of audio quality that is offers as part of each of the three tiers of service. It’s nice to see a web hosting company that has embraced social media as a support and promotion tool, and customers will likely be well-served by the series of community discussion forums offered by the company. Overall, SpacialNet should certainly be a contender for many customers new to online broadcasting.

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