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Relia Stream


When it comes to finding just the right product to host an audio stream, many customers are looking first and foremost for features and flexibly. It’s all too common to find a streaming web hosting provider which tries to cram every streaming customer into just one or two plans, ensuring them that the technology they’ll get access to is optimal for almost every use and demand. This just is not true. The complex technological and budgetary needs that impact every customer’s decision can only be accommodated by offering a large and diverse range of packages which are specifically designed to fit every customer into a plan which meets those needs, often in a more exact way than three or four packages can accomplish. This is the goal of Relia Stream, a company with more streaming hosting plans than several of its competitors combined.

A Price and Plan for Every Customer

In contrast to many more restrictive web hosting companies, Relia Stream offers eleven plans to American customers and has a whole host of plans for those in Europe, as well. These plans start at just $1 per month for 4GB of hard disk storage space and unlimited traffic. Customers of the company’s lowest-priced plan will be able to stream their content at 32kbps using ShoutCast technologies.

The company maintains a commitment to 4GB of server storage space and unlimited monthly traffic through several of its lower-end tiers. Customers will be able to pair that server space and bandwidth allotment with a 48kbps streaming option at $2 monthly, a 56kbps plan at $3 per month, a 64kbps hosting plan that comes in at just $4 monthly, or an 80kbps streaming audio plan which will cost $5 per month.

Beyond those entry-level tiers of service, Relia Stream increases server storage capacity to 6GB while maintaining unlimited levels of monthly traffic. These plans begin at audio quality levels of 96kbps and increase incrementally to 128kbps, 160kbps, and 192kbps. Prices for this level of service range from a low of $6 to a higher-end price point of $12 per month.

Finally, Relia Stream offers some truly premium hosting plans to those customers who need a high-quality, capable, and dynamic streaming solution. With 10GB of hard disk storage space and 250kbps of high-definition audio quality, the company’s higher-end plans begin at $16 monthly. Customers can maintain that amount of disk space, while increasing the quality of the audio stream to 320kbps, for a monthly fee of $20. Beyond these tiers, European-targeted plans are available for customers overseas.


One of the biggest negative factors affecting customers at ReliaStream is that virtually all of the lower-end pricing tiers must be paid for on an annual basis. That’s largely a testament to just how affordable their monthly fees are, but it might be a sticking point for consumers who are wary of such a long commitment to just one web hosting company–especially if they haven’t verified that the service is up to their own personal standards. Also the website is dated and does not have the best layout and it should also be noted that having so many different packages are often a great benefit to consumers, they can also be confusing to novice shoppers who might not be sure which of the eleven levels of service best meets their needs.


On the plus side, Relia Stream is incremental and affordable, and it offers a highly 230kbps streaming option for the most powerful audio broadcasters. That’s hard to find (the only other provider to offer this was SpacialNet), especially when paired with unlimited bandwidth and a surprising 10GB of hard disk storage space. The company also benefits from an appropriately responsive support team, accessible via a toll-free phone number, email, support ticket requests, and social media profiles on all of the most popular websites. Users will be well-served by the company’s commitment to their satisfaction, and this should certainly be taken into account upon deciding whether or not to choose the company for its streaming hosting products.

Relia Stream: A Great Option for Advanced Customers

ReliaStream benefits from offering so many distinct tiers of service and audio quality to customers, especially in an industry where flexibility is far more often an asset rather than a disadvantage. Its packages are all relatively fair, and its highest-quality streaming package is one of the most affordably-priced 320kbps plans on the market. Novice customers might be initially quite confused when choosing a package, but a support sales team can help answer any questions and explain the pros and cons of each plan. ReliaStream should certainly be near the top of any consumer’s list of options when searching for a way to host and promote their online audio broadcast.

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