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listen 2 my radio

It is said ‘it doesn’t get much better than free’ which is exactly the starting price point for the streaming web hosting serves provided by Listen2MyRadio. The company pairs this free plan with a number of premium options, giving professional-level online broadcasters plenty of options when it comes to the quality of their stream as well as how many concurrent listeners can enjoy the content being transmitted. It’s pretty clear that the company is dedicated to value, but its support is also well-rounded and able to meet almost any consumer demand. With such a great combination of value and service, and it’s easy to see why the company’s relatively new name is becoming more common among audio broadcasters who are moving their services online.

From Free to Premium

Notably, the free audio streaming account provided to customers at Listen2MyRadio does not feature a restriction on the quality of any audio being transmitted to listeners. That’s a huge bonus, and it makes the company rather rare among streaming hosts who have been known to charge a premium for higher-quality, MP3-level broadcasts. Those who opt for the free plan can only broadcast from within a site-specific subdomain, and they’re not permitted to use the popular AutoDJ service. While the company’s premium accounts get access to the CenovaCast control panel, free users will be limited to a much more simple, proprietary solution. Listen2myRadio state that as many as 5,000 listeners can be supported by the free account, however knowing the cost of streaming, it is unlikely you will get anywhere near this figure before having problems. The fact that the premium service offers up to 1,000 listeners, clearly contradicts the up to 5,000 listener quoted. In addition Listen2MyRadio insert their own advertisements into customer streams at random intervals, making your station appear unprofessional and risking annoying your listeners who may have been enjoying a song or show before being interupted by an ad.

Every broadcaster knows that their listeners are their business. With the amount of listeners and the advertisements, I would not recommend anyone risk using the free service.

Premium accounts are hosted on servers which are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Customers can select the server nearest their own physical location during the signup process, and there is no additional charge for changing a hosting plan’s geography. That same ordering process can be used to select audio quality and the number of listeners which can enjoy the stream at any given time. Listen2MyRadio employs an intuitive “slider” interface, allowing the customer to select the exact amount of subscribers, in combination with the right audio quality, for the job.

The premium plans offered by the company start at just $6.25 per month for a stream which broadcasts at 32kbps to a maximum of 25 listeners. From there, customers simply drag the sliders to increase their features as they wish. Listener limits are offered at 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 1,000. Prices for additional listeners range from incremental increases of $10 to as much as a $125 increase at the highest level of service. For increases in audio quality, provides 32kbps, 64kbps, and 128kbps. Each increase in price between these levels of audio quality is directly related to how many concurrent listeners can enjoy the content.

The Good

The company’s flexible approach to pricing, employing sliders to intricately customize each streaming hosting plan, is innovative and intuitive. It is easily one of the company’s assets. Furthermore, the use of CenovaCast and other cutting-edge streaming technologies ensures that customers won’t have to make sacrifices when choosing even the lowest tier of service. The free plan is a nice touch, providing a no-commitment way to test the waters of online broadcasting before committing to paid service. It’s a benefit that almost no other streaming hosting company offers to its consumers.

The Bad

Unfortunately, while the company’s electronic support options are typical and well-operated, their telephone support operation will require an international call for customers using both the American and British server options. That is a downside, due to additional cost of making an international a call. It wold be nice to see the company open at least one local customer service line in the future but, until it does, novice and amateur customers might be relunctant to call and so face some major problems that are simply not resolved.

Listen2MyRadio A Good Choice for Streaming Products

The hosting options at Listen2MyRadio are great for a wide variety of customers, from free services that target amateur broadcasters to enterprise-level streams which can serve as many as 1,000 concurrent listeners. Support options are great when they’re used in an electronic or online capacity, but not-so-great when a customer simply needs to speak with a representative. Keeping this in mind, it would be best for potential buyers of the company’s products to be a bit more well-versed in streaming technologies and server operations, reducing the need for an international phone call.

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