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Host Dime

hostdime has long been a leader in offering flexible products at an excellent value, and the company has brought that mission to its well-regarded streaming hosting products. The customer will be treated to one of the most easy and enjoyable web hosting companies currently in operation and they will enjoy plans which are leaders in both audio broadcasting technology and the ways that each plan can meet the needs of listeners who depend on widely-compatible, flexible solutions that work across all platforms. Broadcasters will also enjoy the company’s commitment to value, with great monthly rates and special annual pricing deals that can be a real cost-saver for the average amateur broadcaster.


HostDime offers four packages for audio streaming which range in capability from entry-level to enterprise. At the low end of the scale, HostDime has its S-STR1 plan which costs just $10 per month. Customers can pay even less on a monthly basis, with one month of service free of charge, if they sign up for the annual payment plan. The entry-level option at HostDime supports 30 simultaneous listeners who will be able to hear audio at a bitrate of 32kbps. No AutoDJ disk space is provided with this plan, making it a pretty limited option for only the most novice of online streaming customers.

The plan touted as HostDime’s “best value” is its $20 monthly plan, labeled S-STR2. That plan upgrades the quality of the audio stream to 48kbps while also increasing the number of concurrent listeners to 50. It provides AutoDJ disk space of 2.5GB, which the company estimates is capable of holding approximately 450 MP3 audio files.

For 56kbps audio quality and a stream which can broadcast to as many as 75 concurrent listeners, customers will appreciate the S-STR3 plan at $30 monthly. This plan also features an upgrade to the amount of AutoDJ disk spaces provided to purchasers, raising it to 3.5GB. HostDime estimates that this plan can support up to 650 self-hosted MP3 files.

Finally, for high-end customers who choose to broadcast with a HostDime streaming hosting plan can enjoy the S-STR4 plan. It comes equipped to broadcast to as many as 100 simultaneous listeners, and the audio stream quality gets an upgrade to 64kbps. Approximately 850 MP3 audio files can be hosted locally using the included 4.5GB of AutoDJ disk space.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Every HostDime pricing plan comes with the CenovaCast software, which can host and process streams in Windows Media, Quicktime, RealPlayer, or Winamp formats, for the ultimate in flexibility. That’s a huge benefit, as it means no listener will excluded from the stream on the basis of their web browser, operating system or default media player application. The company also supports and encourages the development of mobile-friendly audio streams, and gives customers the option to customize their public audio player interfaces in a wide number of ways.

HostDime is one of the best-regarded web hosting companies to be found anywhere online. Unlike other stream hosting providers, HostDime offer a variety of services besides stream hosting, so they are by no means specialists. Also prices are certainly not the lowest available for this particular kind of web hosting, but customers should consider that they’re paying a premium for first-class support, an excellent streaming control panel, and access to some of the best servers in the web hosting industry. These services can’t be provided by many more budget-friendly hosts, and the price is often considered to be worth it by many in the industry. A slight disadvantage of HostDime is the fact that compared to some of the other stream hosting providers reviewed there services are more costly. However this must be weighed against the many advantages listed.

Overall Solid Streaming Hosting Choice

HostDime has a rock-solid customer support operation, encompassing live online chatrooms, a toll-free support and sales hotline, priority support ticket filing, and online account management features. This is paired with customer forums, a deep presence on social media websites, and a guarantee of 99.9 percent uptime on all of the company’s many web hosting products. When considered against the backdrop of the actual streaming services offered to customers, the company becomes an impossibly strong player in a competitive marketplace. Its CenovaCast control panel, flexible streaming technologies, and customizable media player interfaces, make it the logical choice of advanced streaming customers. Its overall ease of use and easy pricing tiers mean that the company is also well-suited for novice and amateur broadcasters, as well.

While there are certainly less-costly streaming web hosting providers offering their services to consumers, the simple fact of the matter is that HostDime has the right combination of features, services, support, and expertise, to get the job done in a well-rounded and common-sense way.

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