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4 Ways to Promote an Internet Radio Station

Internet radio stations are growing in popularity. As their popularity grows, the number of internet radio stations available online to listen to grows along with it. Therefore it has become increasingly important to promote your station.

Just like any new business start up, one has to put some time and effort up front in marketing, in order to generate an audience. There are a number of ways to promote an Internet radio station that are relatively low cost and effective.

Social media

This is a relatively easy but effective way to get started. You can create a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account, and a Google+ profile, which all promote your radio station. You can post updates on new songs, artists, events, special announcements and competitions. This will help you develop a fan base and audience, based on the “likes” and visitors you receive from these social media sites. An added benefit of using social media is that Facebook, Twitter and Google+ often shows up in Google, so you have more chance gaining visitors from people searching Google who find your social media profiles.

Create a website

You can also create a website that features your Internet radio station. This will give visitors the opportunity to sample your radio station online, regardless of where you’re streaming from. You can get visitors to your site, by utilising free and paid traffic generation methods. For example, the simplest free method is just to tell family and friends your website address. An example of a paid method would be creating an ad on Google. By increasing the amount of visitors to your site, you should then increase the number of listeners that will become committed and hooked on your new Internet radio station.

The exposure of your website is even greater today, as people listen to Internet radio stations on their smart phones, tablets, laptops, and even at work. Gone are the days when you need to physically turn a dial to a radio station over air frequencies.

Print bumper stickers

Another great way to promote your Internet radio station is to create bumper stickers. You can design and print them extremely cheap – sometimes for a $1 or less. You can have them printed online or by a local printing vendor. You can hand them out at local music or record stores (with their permission, of course) and to your family and friends. Be sure to print the Internet radio station name, the Facebook fan page address and/or your website details. Think of all the places your one bumper sticker promoting your Internet radio station will go in one day! One bumper sticker could potentially get a lot of exposure in different locales and regions, ultimately increasing your audience. You can also hand them out at local concerts or live shows, regardless of the size of the venue or how well known the band is.

Traditional print advertising

In addition to having bumper stickers printed and distributed, consider promoting your station in traditional print. It is much cheaper than it was a decade ago. You can have an ad put in a newspaper or magazine. If like most stations you play music, music magazines are a great way to promote as those magazines will target anyone interested in music.

In conclusion, regardless of which niche your Internet radio station is in, these methods can be effective in helping you promote your station. If you include all the above methods into your marketing strategy, you will inevitably gain a loyal audience that will love to listen to your station and will keep coming back for more.


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